About KPM

Adelaide’s leading performance workshop

KPM is an industry leading engine building and tuning workshop based in Adelaide with over two decades of experience upgrading Australian, American  and European performance vehicles.

KPM Motorsport was founded in 1996 by David Roscio, using the knowledge and experience he gained over 33 years of modifying and enhancing engines.

Bringing together time tested elements of engine development and the cutting edge of new technology results in the highest quality enhanced motors, his philosophy of never settling for second best has become the foundation on which all work is performed. This ensures that premium performance is gained and every project is carried out to maximum potential.

Shifting with the current motoring landscape in Australia, KPM Motorsport have become the go-to workshop for modern American muscle cars, such as the new Mustang, and Camaro, while continuing to deliver high-end performance to the Australian manufactured high performance vehicles.

The growing popularity of Dual-Cab Turbo Diesel utes has also been considered, with KPM developing a range of SF Power Flash tuning upgrades – finessing each vehicle to its optimum level of power and torque.

KPM Motorsport is behind the performance brand StreetFighter, developing and manufacturing high end performance upgrades for over a decade. This has expanded to a StreetFighter Specialist Workshop network Australia-wide fitting StreetFighter upgrades and building StreetFighter performance vehicles.

Recently, KPM Motorsport was named the official Hennessey Performance vehicle builder in Australia, one of only two outside of the United States. To date, KPM Motorsport have completed several Hennessey Performance vehicles including the 1000HP Mammoth 1000, 1000hp ZL1 Camaro Exorcist, the 2019 Heritage Mustang, the 850hp Jeep Trackhawk.

Professional Staff

With a professional team of qualified technicians, KPM Motorsport offers a full range of performance and motorsport preparation services. Ongoing training by component manufacturers keep our staff up to date in all new technology and operating procedures. Our fully qualified and trained staff have expertise to ensure all repairs are carried out in a most professional manner.

personalised service

Customers have been extremely loyal to us. The customer and their car are not just a number to us, we take pride in our work and providing a friendly, courteous personal service. We have a large customer base and they have partnered with us. It’s our passion and dedicated attitude which keeps them united to us.

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