Custom Dyno Calibration

What is “Custom Dyno Calibration” all about?


Almost all vehicles leave the production line with their performance restricted. This is to account for slight differences in individual components, for those owners that are not cautious with their fuel selection, and those owners that don’t take the same level of care as you do.

Custom Dyno Calibration is all about getting the most out of your car!

Thanks to modern cars having an enormous range of sensors we are able to see exactly what your engine is doing while on the dyno, which allows us to make changes to your vehicle to achieve better performance, efficiency and response. Because we know that you care for your car, that you will only use the best fuel, and that you service and maintain it perfectly we are able to get the maximum performance gain while keeping your car within safe operating limits.

KPM Motorsport uses the latest technology and innovations to tune your car, and combined with the decades of experience in tuning high performance vehicles we are confident in saying you will not be disappointed with the end result.

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