HSV Camaro ZL1 – StreetFighter Performance Upgrades

The StreetFighter brand from KPM Motorsport continues to grow and evolve each year with new and exciting vehicles becoming available through local dealerships. Specialising in performance V8’s, KPM have developed a range of products and upgrade packages under the StreetFighter brand name. Known for their big horsepower supercharged vehicles and high quality craftsmanship, KPM have made a name for themselves around Australia. The most recent additions to the StreetFighter line up are performance upgrades and packages for the HSV Camaro 2SS and the Camaro ZL1.

The Chevrolet 2SS Camaro hit HSV showroom floors from late 2018 and KPM already had a number of upgrades options ready to go. Premium exhaust systems, lowering and handling options, also supercharged upgrades, performance camshaft packages and fuel system upgrades are all available in the StreetFighter catalogue.

To add to the muscle car line up, HSV now offer the Camaro ZL1. KPM have already built a 1000hp, 2018 model ZL1 vehicle known as “The Exorcist” which is 1 of only 3 official Hennessey Performance ZL1 Camaros in Oceania.  They now have upgrade packages available ranging from 750hp-1000hp utilising their StreetFighter products and tuning. StreetFighter products and packages are developed to provide maximum horsepower and retain factory drive ability and reliability. Even though the ZL1 is a track focused weapon from the showroom, StreetFighter elevate performance to another level.

The recent news of the C8 Corvette being released as a factory RHD and sold through HSV dealerships in 2020 has everyone talking. With the Camaro ZL1 being the current top of the range vehicle for HSV, the C8 Corvette will be similarly priced and give even more options to American car lovers down under. KPM Motorsport, the team behind the StreetFighter brand will have big horsepower upgrade options available through their partnership with Hennessey Performance in Texas.

As well as products for the Chevrolet / HSV Camaro, StreetFighter also have a large range of upgrades and packages available for Mustang (2015-2019), VE-VF Commodore V8 range, FG-FGX Falcon all models, and turbo diesel 4×4. Their range includes exhaust systems, handling upgrades, superchargers, fuel systems, injectors and more.

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