KPM Motorsport unveil ‘The Exorcist’ at Superloop Adelaide 500

The 2019 ZL1 Camaro is a track focused and tech packed vehicle available soon from HSV – Holden Special Vehicles. If you want to maximise performance, turn heads, and have a truly unique ZL1, we can build the Hennessey Performance ‘Exorcist’ ZL1 Camaro right here in Australia.

#001 is already allocated, with #002, and #003 still available. Contact us and place a deposit on one of these motoring icons today, as they won’t last long with only 3/3 available in Oz. Call on (08) 8299 9998

Read more about the HSV ZL1 here:
And about the ‘Exorcist’ here:…/the-exorcist-hpe1000-sup…/

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