We’d like to officially announce that KPM Motorsport now offers LT4 Supercharger porting upgrades!

Create more horsepower and hit your power potential with CNC Machining and upgraded pulleys. This product is available in stages (I-IV) for those who would like to ease into or go all in when upgrading their LT4 Supercharger.

By CNC porting your Supercharger, you will be increasing the amount of air flow into your Supercharger due to the smoother and wider intake area. With these modifications, it is proven that the increased air will generate lower intake temperatures and gain horsepower and torque across the RPM band.

Stage I – Snout Porting

The opening stage is simple, the customer removes the snout from the engine and sends it to KPM Motorsport. Once received, we disassemble, wash, get it CNC ported, give a final wash, reassembled & return it.

Stage II – Snout Port + Griptec Pulley Upgrade

Stage II includes all of the opening stage but when reassembled, your pulley is replaced with a new StreetFighter Griptec Pulley. The upgraded pulley will allow maximum grip force to be applied to the component without belt damage.

Stage III – Snout and Manifold Port

Stage III requires the customer to remove the supercharger, throttle body, supercharger bypass valve & crossover tubes. These do not need to be sent. The customer is to send the Manifold and Snout to KPM Motorsport for the CNC Porting process. Prior to being returned, if the customer wishes to add an upgraded StreetFighter Griptec Pulley, this is Stage IV.

Get the absolute most out of your LT4 Supercharger with our KPM Motorsport upgrade packages.

StreetFighter – Nothing Comes Close 


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