KPM Australian Manufacturing

Streetfighter Australian Manufacturing partnership.

One of the main disappointments that we are seeing in the Australian manufacturing sector is the continual closing down of some talented companies due to the cheaper overseas labour and manufacturing costs. While importing and offshore manufacture can sometimes not be avoided it is becoming increasingly the first thought of many supplier and/or manufacturers. We cannot deny that we have some great imported products mixed in with some very ordinary and sometimes unusable products.

Over the last year KPM has started to make a conscious commitment to both source, supply and if possible manufacture in Australia as much as possible. This usually means initial higher set-up costs for us; however we are finding that with the correct partnerships and less profit we can streamline designs and methods to compete with many overseas imported products. In the long term we hope that the smaller profit margin will be negated by a stronger product following.

Within the very near future we are moving our Motorsport design, testing and development division and partnering with a local Australian engineering firm. Our capabilities will increase to in-house design engineers and CAD development of all our products.

Our facilities include in-house CNC machining, plastic moulding, Tooling, Milling Turning and fabrication specialist equipment which are currently supplying the OEM, Aerospace and Government and mining sectors. Our aim within this partnership is to expand our product development, tuning, fuel system and engine component knowledge and work closely with engineering and manufacturing experts.

As always KPM will continue our field testing of all our products in road and race scenarios both privately and amongst our peers to give our customers a transparent and a true report of real life performance. In this partnership we endeavour to offer our Australian based customers the very best we can offer to compete with overseas import and supply.

Our aim will also be to focus on what we can export rather than import.

This is a very exciting time for KPM and our Streetfighter brand while at the same time being very daunting with the question marks over the Australian car industry.

Regardless KPM have started moving forward in this “Made in Australia” mandate as much as possible with some of the products released or in development below.

  • Streetfighter Intercooler System – 100% Australian manufactured
  • Streetfighter 1000HP Twin In tank Fuel Module – 100% Australian manufactured
  • Streetfighter Coyote Twin Intake and Throttle Body– 100% Australian manufactured
  • Streetfighter FG Air Box – 100% Australian manufactured
  • Streetfighter 2300 Supercharger and Manifold Retrofit – 100% Australian manufactured
  • Streetfighter Quick release Boost Pulley – 100% Australian manufactured
  • Streetfighter Arrow Wheels by R.O.H. – 100% Australian manufactured
  • Streetfighter FG Coyote Oil Breathers – 100% Australian manufactured
  • Streetfighter 1000 HP Tail shaft – 100% Australian manufactured
  • KPM550cc/KPM1000cc/KPM2000cc Injectors – 100% Australian Manufactured

We would like to say that every component and manufacturing process we use is Australian only, however this will never be possible.

What we do want to do is change our attitude towards always looking overseas for an answer and utilise the very best of world practice here in our own source of talent.

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