SA Time Attack 2018 – StreetFighter Mustang Debut

Now that the dust has settled on the CI Performance Parts SA Time Attack, we can recap on the weekends excitement.

It’s been a busy few weeks leading up to the event with the transformation of our Mustang GT from road going promo vehicle to race car. Competing in the Extreme Clutch Club R class, we decided to give the Mustang a few (a lot) of shiny new upgrades to be as competitive as possible in the class.

Starting with a StreetFighter 2.9L Gen 3 blower to give it a serious injection of horsepower, the same kit we fit to the road going ADR approved StreetFighter Mustang packages. Followed up with H&R/Bilstein fully adjustable coilovers and swaybars, GT350R big brake upgrade all round, and matched with or signature forged billet StreetFighter wheels and R888 rubber to get the Pony handling how it should. Lastly making sure safety and comfort was in order we fitted a half cage, harnesses and seat as well as all the track ready necessities.

The Time Attack event at The Bend was the Mustangs first shake down, not only on track but with its new setup, so we were extra careful and mindful to monitor everything closely as the day progressed. We also asked our good friend, and gun driver Dan Day to pilot the Mustang. With a history in V8 Supercars, driver of the SJ1000 and competing in the Porsche GT3 cup we knew he was the perfect pick.

Dan hit the track for the practice session in the morning and began putting the Mustang through its paces, getting a feel for both the car and the track. Running strong, and sounding amazing flying down the 1km main straight at the Bend, with the whine of the 2.9L blower, and roar of the Coyote V8. Dan was feeling comfortable and the car was performing well.

In the first competition session, Dan ran three laps all up, getting faster with each and getting into the groove running a 2:15.3. Into the third lap there was signs of smoke from under the Mustang and with Dans level of experience he knew to pit the car and check the cause. One of the OEM/factory engine oil bypass hoses had popped off and squirted oil into the engine bay. Our crew quickly cleaned and inspected the culprit and continued to find the cause. After inspecting the spark plugs and a quick run-down as best we could in the pits, we weren’t confident in continuing the day without a full/thorough engine check, and potentially causing costly engine damage, so decided to retire from the event.

Unfortunately due to retiring early, our two hot lap winners Andrew and Joel missed out on a run out with Dan, but still enjoyed the day of racing and will be first up for hot laps at our next track outing.

There was a huge spectator and competitor turnout with a variety of cars entered which was great to see. From mildly modified Street Machines, to all-out race cars. All of the team at KPM/StreetFighter loved the event, and would like to send a big thank you to The Bend and SA Time Attack organisers for having us on board as Platinum Sponsors.

Now we look at what we can do to improve next time, with bigger plans for the Mustang and looking at our calendar for the next event to enter 😉

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