StreetFighter, leading the ‘Pony Car’ charge with Mustang performance upgrades!

With performance vehicle trends changing in recent times. A shift from “rev head” enthusiasts and expensive engine builds, now sees modern vehicle owners demanding high power output as well as factory reliability and driveability.

Moving with the trend are leading Australian performance manufacturer ‘StreetFighter.’ The brand behind Australia’s fastest production car (FG FPV, Motor Magazine Hot Tuner 2012), and exclusive builders of Hennessey vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.

With a background in OEM component manufacturing for leading brands such as Ford, Holden and Toyota, StreetFighter are now one of the fastest growing aftermarket performance manufacturers for a range of current model vehicles including the Mustang GT, FG Falcon, VF Commodore and a range of 4WD/SUV’s.

With success developing products, packages and full performance vehicles, StreetFighter are continually developing new options and upgrades for new-model, performance vehicle enthusiasts. From exhausts, through to performance packages and even 700hp+ supercharged vehicles becoming extremely popular amongst owners of the Mustang GT in particular.

In order to truly test and develop new products, StreetFighter have consistently endeavoured to pit their best performers against the country’s biggest names in the scene. Over the years StreetFighter have taken part in various Motor Magazine events, showcasing the country’s top workshops and manufacturers. With track testing, independent reviews, and professional driver testing, StreetFighter continually excel and use the opportunity to further develop their products and introduce new solutions to issues identified.

This passion for development is what drives StreetFighter, with continual improvements in all aspects, from manufacture, to tuning, through to workshop network development.

With a network that spans across Australia and New Zealand, StreetFighter upgrades are available exclusively at StreetFighter Specialist Workshops in every major city and area. This brings an opportunity for local customers to access the highest quality performance exhausts, premium handling upgrades, supercharged and high-horsepower full-vehicle packages.

StreetFighter pride themselves on providing the highest quality, high performance products and packages on the market. This is backed by years of experience in manufacturing, performance tuning, and all covered by warranty for peace of mind.

Moving forward, with possible Camaro and Corvette models on the horizon for Australia, StreetFighter are preparing with new ideas and concepts to bring to the market.

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