StreetFighter LT4 Cylinder Head Upgrade – HSV Camaro ZL1

StreetFighter are proud to release our newly developed SFP (Street Fighter Power) high flow LT4 cylinder heads for the new HSV ZL1 Camaro (2019+).

After many months in design and development we have produced the highest flowing LT4 cylinder heads available. By utilising cylinder head design software we were able to model air flow through the head ports and past the valves. With this we have achieved high flow capabilities across the entire rev range and for optimum power.

Our exclusive design is used to fully CNC the intake and exhaust ports creating a custom intake and exhaust port radius and fully blends the intake and exhaust bowls. Each of our cylinder heads are then individually bench flowed to ensure we have achieved the expected and advertised results of over 360 cfm.

Our quality control is carefully regulated utilising OEM computer data along with real world sectioning samples to ensure minimum wall thickness is maintained.

Every SFP LT4 cylinder head receives:

  • Precision 3 angle valve job
  • Full surface machining
  • Chamber cc sizing
  • De-burring
  • Pressure testing
  • Professional assembly



The test bench data below shows the standard LT4 cylinder heads data. We then retested the heads after the SFP Stage 1 process.

Standard LT4 Cylinder Heads

  • Intake port @ .650 lift = 304 cfm
  • Exhaust port @ .650 lift = 213 cfm

SFP Stage 1 Cylinder Heads

  • Intake port @ .650 lift = 355 cfm
  • Exhaust port @ .650 lift = 243 cfm

Our SFP Stage 1 LT4 cylinder heads are capable of supporting over 1000hp with supporting upgrades. Our test results show that we have improved the head design and flow from the standard level of 640hp.

Take a look at the before and after data sheet here: SFP1 LT4 Ported Heads Data Sheet

The SFP Stage 1 cylinder heads are fully machined and CNC ported utilising the standard valves.

SFP Dual Spring Kit Upgrade Option

If required we can also replace the standard valves springs with our own SFP developed performance dual springs, chrome moly retainers, collets and seal kit. Spring heights are set and all tolerances checked on full assembly.

The SFP spring kit is developed to work perfectly with the boost levels of the standard supercharger and camshaft. They also ensure maximum performance when utilising high boost levels, high lift camshafts and maximum revs.

StreetFighter LT4 Cylinder Heads

The StreetFighter LT4 cylinder head package includes:

  • Full cylinder head re-surfacing
  • 5 axis CNC port machining and blending
  • Standard LT4 valves with radius machining and seat work
  • Full assembly


  • SFP Dual springs, chrome moly retainers, collets, seals (kit)

Check out the online store for more details and to order your LT4 StreetFighter Cylinder Head Upgrade: KPM Online Store


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