StreetFighter Mustang GT Track Ready Upgrades

Australian delivered Mustangs have been known to experience external and internal, oil and/or coolant leakage of the standard OEM engine oil cooler. And with more and more Mustang owners going public on social media with their concerns and experiences, a solution to the issue is needed. StreetFighter have experienced first-hand a factory engine oil cooler failure on one of their vehicles, while being tested by Motor Magazine, at the 2017 Hot Tuner Event.

It seems that in most cases the oil coolers fail without notice or warning. If detected quickly the repair has been as simple as a new engine oil cooler replacement. If not detected the failure could lead to further problems including engine damage and/or failure. Oil cooler failures, have occurred randomly on completely standard vehicles as well as upgraded vehicles.

This issue has led StreetFighter to develop the StreetFighter Engine Oil Cooler Package. Designed to completely eliminate the problematic standard OEM oil cooler, therefore removing any chance of failure that could lead to costly engine damage.

StreetFighter oil cooler packages remove/delete the standard oil/water cooler at the engine and replace it with a high efficiency oil/air cooler mounted behind the front grille. The system also incorporates an oil thermostat to ensure the oil temperature is maintained quickly and efficiently.

The StreetFighter Engine Oil Cooler Package ensures that oil temperatures are best maintained in spirited driving and race conditions. As an added option StreetFighter have incorporated the ability to monitor oil pressure, and display it using the popular nGauge device. Giving live readings of vital engine parameters is another line of defence in preventing costly damage to the engine and vehicle.

As well as the engine oil cooling package, StreetFighter have a range of products available that improve the reliability of the Mustang GT, both for daily driving, spirited weekend driving or serious track work. These include a GT350 oil sump and pump kit, which reduces oil starvation issues on hard cornering due to the baffled internals. Also in partnership with Xtreme clutch, two specific clutches are available in a twin plate organic for street/track duties, or twin plate ceramic for serious track work and big horsepower pony cars.

StreetFighter continue to develop and utilise products that not only make your car perform at the highest level, but also make it dependable, and reliable no matter what you throw at it.


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