StreetFighter, leading the ‘Pony Car’ charge with Mustang performance upgrades!

With performance vehicle trends changing in recent times. A shift from “rev head” enthusiasts and expensive engine builds, now sees modern vehicle owners demanding high power output as well as factory reliability and driveability. Moving with the trend are leading Australian performance manufacturer ‘StreetFighter.’ The brand behind Australia’s fastest production car (FG FPV, Motor Magazine… Read more

StreetFighter performance tuning, the ‘must-have’ upgrade for all 4WD/SUV owners

Factory ECU’s are becoming more complex with increased technology and electronic features. Because of this, the use of piggyback style ECU chip tuning has become obsolete. With imported chips from overseas often not suitable for Australian vehicles and conditions. This is where ECU flash tuning comes in, allowing tuners to ‘flash’ tunes directly to the… Read more

KPM Australian Manufacturing

Streetfighter Australian Manufacturing partnership. One of the main disappointments that we are seeing in the Australian manufacturing sector is the continual closing down of some talented companies due to the cheaper overseas labour and manufacturing costs. While importing and offshore manufacture can sometimes not be avoided it is becoming increasingly the first thought of many… Read more

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