Performance Upgrades

We live in a time where car performance and power figures are higher than ever. Power figures that were once reserved for drag and race cars are now common in factory built performance vehicles. Take the Mustang as an example – a 1960s 428 7.0L V8 produced somewhere in the vicinity of 350 horsepower, which is easily eclipsed by the 450+ horsepower in a factory 5.0L Coyote powered 2023 Mustang GT. Engine technology has come a long way.

But no matter how good we have it now, it is human nature to want more – which is where we come in…

KPM Motorsport are proud to offer a range of performance upgrades for your high performance vehicle. Whether you are looking to improve the exhaust or intake note of your late model Commodore or Falcon, or go all out with a supercharger or cam upgrade – KPM Motorsport have what you are looking for.

As well as being the workshop behind the StreetFighter range of upgrades and packages as well as KPM Fuel System products, KPM Motorsport are the sole Australian dealer for Hennessey Performance Vehicles. KPM Motorsport also supply and install a range of handling, brake and driveline products to suit most modern Australian and American performance cars.

Find out more about each of these at the following links.


StreetFighter by KPM Motorsport

Hennessey Performance

Hennessey Performance

KPM Fuel Systems

KPM Fuel Systems

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