KPM 1500HP IN-TANK FUEL MODULE (2SS Camaro 2018-2020 , ZL1 2019-2020)

Part No.:
Camaro 2SS (2018-2020):    KPMCAM61500-P
Camaro ZL1 (2019 – 2020):   KPMCAM61500-P

KPM Fuel Systems are proud to release the highest level of direct fit in-tank fuel modules for the Camaro 2SS (2018 – 2020) and Camaro ZL1 (2019 – 2020) range.

With the modern Camaros being tuned to amazing power levels comes the need for a high performance fuel system.

KPM have met this need with a direct replacement high performance fuel system that will perfectly support power levels from standard all the way to 1500 hp.

No other Camaro fuel module supports as much power with the efficiency, functionality, and fuel delivery of the KPM 1500 hp fuel system.


Until now, the only fuel system solutions available have been to boost voltage to the fuel pumps, to replace the fuel module canister with a hanger manifold that houses one or multiple pumps or to modify the direct supply fuel system into an outdated return style fuel system.

All these methods have been stop-gap solutions with limitations:

  • A fuel pump running higher boosted voltages than designed for has the downside of running hotter as well as reducing its service life. This adds extra load on your vehicle’s electrical and charging system. It also creates an environment of hot fuel, diminishing your ability to optimise performance, creating higher fuel usage, and less stable tuning.
  • Hanger manifolds replace the fuel module in your fuel tank so that the extra room for multiple pumps can be used for increased fuel delivery.
    Unlike fuel modules, hanger manifolds have no canister, Venturi pump, or refill valve systems to ensure the pumps are permanently surrounded by fuel. This means that you need to run a full fuel tank at all times to avoid any surge or fuel starvation during spirited driving, cornering or excessive acceleration as used in race or drag conditions.
  • Modifying your OEM direct supply system to a return style system when retrofitting to larger pumps is a method of trying to keep your in-tank canister constantly full with return fuel to avoid surge and starvation. This was an accepted method in OEM vehicles up to 10-15 years ago. However, in doing so it required the fuel pressure regulator to be mounted externally—usually at the engine fuel rail. This requires double the amount of fuel lines and as fuel demand increases, so does fuel pump current draw.
    All this equates to also creating an environment of returned hot fuel diminishing your ability to optimise performance, risks vaporisation, and creates higher fuel usage and less stable tuning.

Alternatively, a direct supply fuel system supplies cool, dense fuel from the tank that is not recirculated making for a more efficient and modern high-performance fuel system.


Fuel Module

The KPM 1500 hp Fuel Module is engineered, utilising 2 x high performance Bosch Racing fuel pumps, all housed in an OEM style high flow fuel canister and distribution manifold. The KPM fuel module is mounted and immersed in the vehicle’s fuel tank as per OEM design and for ease of fitment.

The development and testing of the KPM module were focused on supplying guaranteed delivery of cool, dense fuel to support 1500 hp at the engine on pump fuel. Our objective was also the supply of solid fuel delivery, in both everyday road driving or extreme track conditions, regardless of fuel level in the tank

To achieve our objectives, our KPM Fuel System engineer designed and incorporated a four Venturi pump and refill valve system designed to scavenge fuel from both sides of the Camaro fuel tank and permanently keep the fuel canister full.

This means that you can run the KPM fuel module at any fuel level safely across all conditions, without the risk of surge or fuel starvation, including spirited driving, circuit days or drag racing.

The fuel pumps are both 100% petrol and ethanol compatible and able to deliver massive amounts of cool, dense fuel at standard vehicle voltages.

This equates to optimum tuning and power levels up to 1500 hp (flywheel rated on 98 octane fuel).

Plug & Play Wiring and Relay Kit

Higher flow fuel pumps demand higher amperage to operate. Most often, standard OEM wiring and relays are not heavy enough gauge to support this higher amperage. Therefore the KPM 1500 hp Fuel Module includes the correct heavy gauge wiring and relay kit to match the upgraded pumps’ requirements. This both protects the standard wiring from overheating and allows standard voltage and full amperage supply to the fuel pumps ensuring maximum advertised output.

The wiring and relay loom comes complete with all terminals and heavy gauge wiring pre-crimped. It is easily soldered into your vehicle’s fuel pump electrical plug.


The KPM 1500 hp Fuel Module is a direct replacement system. Simply remove your standard module and fit the KPM module with ease.

The only extra requirement is to route the high amperage relay and wiring kit that comes supplied with easy fit OEM style plug and play connectors.

Your KPM fuel module system is now ready for your tuning professional to calibrate your fuel system and tune your vehicle as normal with any well-known tuning software.

KPM 1500 hp Fuel Module details

  • Complete fuel module—direct replacement fit
  • Integrated 4 Venturi pumps with refill valve system
  • Internal design fuel pressure regulator
  • 2 x high performance Bosch Racing fuel pumps
  • High flow canister, distribution manifold and fittings
  • Easy fit high amperage relay and wiring kit
  • Supports standard power and up to 1500 hp
  • NO surge across all conditions and fuel levels
  • Eliminates the need for voltage boosters, return style systems and surge tank systems
  • Cool, dense fuel creating extra power and economy
  • Optimum pump life
  • 100% compatible on all fuels including E85 Ethanol
  • Easy hassle free fitment
  • Fitting and calibration instruction included


There may be a time when your 1500 hp Fuel Module needs upgrading.

KPM Fuel Systems has you covered.

For increased fuel system flexibility utilise our PWM electronic fuel system controller or upgrade your power even further.

There is no need to replace your 1500 hp module, just add to it with the correct choice of PWM system packages to meet your needs.

KPM Fuel System engineers have done all the design work to offer a direct fit PWM upgrade for your 1500 hp Module ensuring your fuel system fits and works perfectly. NO guess work! Fit and forget!

Additional to your 1500 hp Fuel Module we offer any of the following upgrade packages:


Camaro 2SS 2018-2020:   KPMCAM61500-P
Camaro ZL1 2019-2020:    KPMCAM61500-P

Stuck with your installation?

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