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Camaro 2SS & ZL1 (2010-2015):  KPMCAM52200PWM

KPM Fuel Systems are proud to release the highest level of direct fit fuel systems for the Camaro 2SS and ZL1 (2010-2015) range of vehicles.

With the modern Camaro being tuned to amazing power levels comes the need for a high performance fuel system.

KPM has met this need with a direct replacement, high performance fuel system that will perfectly support power levels from standard all the way to 2200 hp.

No other Camaro fuel system supports as much power with the efficiency, functionality, and fuel delivery of the KPM 2200 hp fuel system!


KPM 2200 HP Fuel Module System

The KPM 2200hp Fuel Module System is engineered, utilising 3 x high performance fuel pumps, all housed in 2 separate OEM style high flow fuel modules and distribution manifolds. The primary module is the KPM1500 (2 pumps) and the second module is the KPM700 (1 pump ).Both the KPM fuel modules are mounted and immersed in the vehicles fuel tank as per OEM design and for ease of fitment.

The development and testing of the KPM modules was focused on supplying guaranteed delivery of cool dense fuel to support 2200hp at the engine on pump fuel. Our objective was a reliable solid fuel delivery to a 2200 HP engine in the extremes of racing as well as everyday road driving.

To achieve our objectives, our KPM Fuel System engineer designed and incorporated a six Venturi pump and refill valve system designed to scavenge fuel from both sides of the Camaro fuel tank and permanently keep both the fuel canisters full. We also incorporated a PWM system to control the fuel pump operation and deliver fuel precisely as needed.

This means that you have the best of both worlds and can run the KPM fuel modules at any fuel levels safely under normal road conditions, without the risk of surge or fuel starvation.

When going racing at the circuit or drags and under full load applications, fuel levels are simply required to be run at recommended levels. * To avoid risk of surge or fuel starvation.

The fuel pumps are both 100% Petrol, Ethanol and Methanol compatible and able to deliver massive amounts of cool dense fuel at standard vehicle voltages.

This equates to optimum tuning and power levels up to 2200hp (flywheel rated on 98 octane fuel).

*Minimum 40 litres of fuel for full load applications.


KPM Fuel Systems have designed a PWM Fuel Module Controller that can electronically run the primary KPM1500 fuel module and the secondary KPM700 fuel module in any combination.

Its main purpose is to control the supply of fuel flow in accordance with the engine power/ fuel demand. It does this by electronically controlling the amount of current supplied to the fuel pumps.

The KPM PWM Fuel Module Controller is supplied pre-programmed to run only one or both modules together depending on power/fuel demand.

  • Primary Module   (KPM1500) runs continuously
  • Secondary Module (KPM700) is turned on only with power/fuel demand

Both modules, primary and secondary will always only run at a desired current that is determined by the power/fuel demand. This ensures cooler fuel and accurate supply.

Cooler Fuel means Increased Performance

Less fuel pump current = less heat = cooler fuel = more power

Supplying fuel to support 2200hp and beyond requires 3 high flow fuel pumps, housed in 2 in-tank fuel modules. The drawback to this scenario is that 2 or more fuel pumps can generate quite a lot of fuel pump current meaning increased heat.

This transfer of heat needs to go somewhere and therefore, in turn, heats the fuel in the tank.

This is generally not a concern, however if the vehicle is idling or being driven for long periods with a low level of fuel in the tank, the fuel may start to reach a point of losing its full energy potential or start vaporising in the pumps or fuel lines. This can cause long cranking times and hard re-starts. At a worst case the fuel pumps will start to cavitate, lose pressure and not supply fuel as intended.

The KPM PWM controller is pre-programmed to monitor your vehicle fuel pressure across all engine loads which in turn allows the controller to calculate the required level of electrical current to your fuel pumps. This in turn delivers the correct amount of fuel to your engine as required in all conditions.


Vehicles with a Factory FSCM (Fuel System Control Module Camaro 2SS & ZL1 (2010-2015)

The KPM PWM Fuel Module Controller comes complete with wiring to be connected to the vehicles factory FSCM to read the OE signals. The KPM PWM Fuel Module Controller uses the OE signals from the FSCM to calculate the correct current required to run the pumps accordingly. The KPM PWM can also be programmed utilising the OE fuel system programming tables.


To support up to 2200 horsepower at the engine, the fuel supply requirement is massive. Your standard fuel lines are just not going to handle it! KPM have engineered a direct replacement, direct fit stainless steel fuel line upgrade kit. No messing around with time consuming cumbersome fittings, cutting etc. Simply remove your standard metal fuel lines and fit our pre-shaped direct fit stainless steel ½” lines. We supply every section required from your fuel module all the way to the engine. All the sections have been manufactured with EFI fittings and connectors to make for a sleek ‘click’ together style of OE fitment.

Included in the KPM Fuel Line Upgrade Kit, is our KPM 2200 HP Fuel Filter. The fuel filter fits directly to the upgraded fuel lines, again making for a direct easy fit. The KPM 2200 Fuel Filter housing is made of anodized aluminium and houses a 10 micron stainless steel, cleanable lifetime fuel filter element. This makes the fuel filter fully serviceable without the need to ever replace it.

Stainless steel fuel lines, anodised aluminium filter housing and stainless steel fuel filter elements all guarantee a fuel system 100% compatible to all fuels including methanol’s, ethanol’s, race fuels and petrol.

The KPM Fuel line and Fuel Filter Upgrade Kit is essential to for maximum fuel supply without restriction of clean fresh fuel to run your engine at maximum performance.


The KPM 2200hp Fuel and PWM System is a complete solution fuel system with the Fuel modules fitted in the OE location, the PWM easily mounted as per the instructions provided and the Fuel Line and Fuel Filter Upgrade a direct replacement to the factory lines.

The only extra requirement is to route the high amperage wiring and connector kit, that comes supplied with easy fit OEM style plug and play connectors.

The KPM 2200 HP fuel system is now ready for your tuning professional to calibrate your fuel system and tune your vehicle as normal with any well-known tuning software.


  • Complete Primary 1500HP Fuel module / direct replacement fit
  • Complete Secondary 700HP Fuel Module / direct fit
  • Electronically controlled Pre-Programmed PWM System
  • Direct replacement Fuel Line and Fuel Filter Upgrade Kit
  • Integrated 6 Venturi Pumps with refill valve system
  • Internal design fuel pressure regulator
  • 3 x high performance Racing fuel pumps
  • 2 x High flow canister, distribution manifold and fittings
  • Easy fit high amperage wiring/connector kit
  • Supports standard power and up to 2200hp
  • NO surge in all conditions
  • Eliminates the need for hanger assemblies
  • Eliminates the need for voltage boosters
  • Eliminates the need for return style systems
  • Eliminates the need for surge tank systems
  • Cool dense fuel / creates extra power and economy
  • Optimum pump life
  • 100% compatible on all fuels including methanol , E85 ethanol, race fuels and petrol
  • Easy hassle free fitment
  • Fitting and calibration instruction included


Camaro 2SS & ZL1 (2010-2015):  KPMCAM52200PWM

  • KPM 1500hp in-tank fuel module (primary)
  • KPM 700hp in-tank fuel module (secondary)
  • KPM PWM Fuel Module Controller
  • KPM Fuel Line and KPM 2200 Fuel Filter Upgrade
  • Easy fit high amperage wiring/connector kit
  • Fitting and calibration instruction included


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