KPM Fuel Systems Commodore 1500hp In-Tank Fuel Module (VE-VF/HSV)

Part No.:
VE Commodore (2006-2009) Models:                                 KPMCOM1500-PK
VE/VF Commodore & Gen F HSV (2010-2017) Models:   KPMCOM1500-P

KPM Fuel Systems are proud to release the highest level of direct fit in-tank fuel modules for the VE-VF Commodore and HSV range of vehicles.

With the modern Commodores being tuned to amazing power levels comes the need for a high performance fuel system.

KPM has met this need with a direct replacement high performance fuel module that will perfectly support power levels from standard all the way to 1500hp.

No other Commodore fuel module supports as much power, with the efficiency, functionality and fuel delivery of the KPM 1500hp fuel systems!


Fuel Module

The KPM 1500 hp Fuel Module is engineered, utilising 2 x high performance Bosch Racing fuel pumps, all housed in an OEM style high flow fuel canister and distribution manifold. The KPM fuel module is mounted and immersed in the vehicles fuel tank as per OEM design and for ease of fitment.

The development and testing of the KPM module was focused on supplying guaranteed delivery of cool, dense fuel to support 1500 hp at the engine on pump fuel. Our objective was also the supply of solid fuel delivery, in both everyday road driving or extreme track conditions, regardless of fuel level in the tank

To achieve our objectives, our KPM Fuel System engineer designed and incorporated a four Venturi pump and refill valve system designed to scavenge fuel from both sides of the Commodore fuel tank and permanently keep the fuel canister full.

This means that you can run the KPM fuel module at any fuel level safely in all conditions, without the risk of surge or fuel starvation, including spirited driving, circuit days or drag racing.

The fuel pumps are both 100% petrol and ethanol compatible and able to deliver massive amounts of cool dense fuel at standard vehicle voltages.

This equates to optimum tuning and power levels up to 1500 hp (flywheel rated on 98 octane fuel).


The KPM 1500 hp Fuel Module is a direct replacement system. Simply remove your standard module and fit the KPM module with ease.

The only extra requirement is to route the high amperage/relay and wiring kit, that comes supplied with easy fit OEM style plug and play connectors.

The KPM fuel module system is now ready for your tuning professional to calibrate your fuel system and tune your vehicle as normal with any well-known tuning software.


  • Complete fuel module—direct replacement fit
  • Integrated 4 Venturi Pumps with refill valve system
  • Internal design fuel pressure regulator
  • 2 x high performance Bosch Racing fuel pumps
  • High flow canister, distribution manifold and fittings
  • Easy fit high amperage relay and wiring kit
  • Supports standard power and up to 1500 hp
  • NO surge across all conditions and fuel levels
  • Eliminates the need for voltage boosters
  • Eliminates the need for return style systems
  • Eliminates the need for surge tank systems
  • Cool, dense fuel creating extra power and economy
  • Optimum pump life
  • 100% compatible on all fuels including E85 Ethanol
  • Easy hassle free fitment
  • Fitting and calibration instruction include

VE Commodore (2006-2009) Models:
Part # KPMCOM1500-PK


VE/VF Commodore (2010-2017) Models:
Part # KPMCOM1500-P


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