Mishimoto – Engine Oil Cooler Kit (GT V8)

The Mishimoto oil cooler kit provides additional cooling of the engine oil and is designed as a complete replacement system for the LHD (American) Mustang GT 2015-On. On the RHD (Australian) Mustang, the factory water-oil cooler remains in place, and the Mishimoto kit is fitted for additional engine oil cooling.

The heat exchanger is the largest one available for fitment to the Mustang GT, and is mounted in the front of the vehicle where it receives the most airflow. Application-specific braided stainless steel lines transfer the oil from the cooler to the engine and feature -10AN fittings for an easy installation. This 2015-On Mustang GT oil cooler kit is available with either a Sleek Silver or Stealth Black cooler and the Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate.

  • Model Number: MMOC-MUS8-15
  • Direct fit for the 2015+ Ford Mustang GT
  • Innovative bar-and-plate oil cooler mounts in the upper grille, allowing more room for supercharger heat exchangers
  • Mounting bracket also serves as an air diversion panel, directing the maximum amount of ambient air through the oil cooler
  • Pre-made stainless steel braided oil lines with durable -AN fittings
  • Comes with replacement lower radiator hose to bypass the stock fluid-based oil cooler
  • Removes the stock fluid-based oil cooler on LHD (American) models, for less stress on the engine’s cooling system
  • Billet aluminium thermostatic oil sandwich plate
  • Increases oil capacity by 1qt

Product Code: #MMOCMUS815BLK

Note: The factory water-oil cooler components on the RHD (Australian) Mustang are prone to failure which can result in severe engine damage. The Mishimoto kit is fitted in addition to the factory water-oil cooler, therefore there is potential for the factory component to fail and cause damage.

To solve this problem we sell the StreetFighter RHD Engine Oil Cooler Package, which is a full replacement setup. This package removes the potentially faulty factory components with an oil cooler delete manifold, removing the factory water-oil cooler, and utilises the Mishimoto kits cooling core and fitting components.

Available in our online store here: StreetFighter RHD Engine Oil Cooler Package


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