Ryco SynTec Oil Filter (GT V8)

Ryco SynTec high efficiency oil filter, recommended when upgrading oil filters on your Mustang GT.

Ryco SynTec is a fully synthetic, high efficiency oil filter, designed for a 15,000 kilometer service interval. Its high efficiency media is designed to remove more dirt keeping your engine cleaner. This oil filter is designed for the motoring enthusiast who wants the best oil filtration available on the market to protect their engine.

Ryco SynTec has been engineered to exceed standard original equipment filters utilising Ryco SynTec synthetic Nano fibre media that has superior particle removal to withstand the harsh conditions arising from extended drain periods. This media also offers additional very high initial efficiency (99.8% @ 25 micron) not offered by standard filters and low restriction to flow which is beneficial at engine start up when cold. All this provides the vehicles engine with increased engine protection within the service life of the filter (15,000kms).


  • 15,000 kilometer service life
  • 100% synthetic media, with wire backing for added strength
  • 99.8% efficiency at 25µm
  • High temperature resistance (up to 260°C)
  • Low restriction to flow (excellent at start up and when cold)
  • High resistance to chemical attack
  • Spiral wound center tube for strength, to withstand pressure
  • Teflon coated main sealing gasket to aid in removal
  • Grit finished spin on can for better grip



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