StreetFighter – 2.9L Supercharger (2019-2020 2SS)

The 2.9l Twin Screw Superchargers are the choice of companies such as Hennessey to produce the world’s most powerful and fastest Camaro’s.

The new StreetFighter 2.9l supercharger requires no under-bonnet modifications and retains a true muscle car under bonnet look with the OEM quality expected from all StreetFighter products.

The SF front feed system is far superior to other, smaller supercharger rear inlet based SC systems for a very simple reason, less inlet restrictions.

With less restriction, the SF supercharger allows maximum unrestricted air flow, resulting in higher performance gains.

Product Code: #SF650

Tech Specs:

  •  2.9L Twin Screw SF Supercharger Package
  • Assembly Finish OEM style black
  • 6-rib belt system with adjustable idler system
  • Air-to-Water Inter Cooler
  • Self-contained oversized oiling system
  • Fits under factory hood with no modifications

We can also fit this for you in our workshop:

Price: $ 16995  Including installation & Custom on-dyno calibration

Contact us to make a booking.


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