StreetFighter SF800R Supercharger Package (FG-FGX 5.0 Coyote)

Our top of the line StreetFighter 3.0L supercharger package is the ultimate power and performance package available.

Utilising an updated larger 3.0L supercharger and premium StreetFighter water to air intercooling system, StreetFighter take the FG & FGX 5.0 up to 8oohp, effortlessly.

This package is a complete upgrade to the factory 1900 supercharger system. The full SF800R package includes all necessary components to make 800hp+ safely, and with the reliability and drive ability of a factory delivered vehicle.

Due to the larger amount of air delivered, the 3.0L supercharger can make more power with less effort. This means an even more efficient supercharging system able to extract the best out of the Coyote 5.0 engine.

For ultimate power and performance with OEM look, quality and fit, we believe, nothing comes close to the Streetfighter SF800R, 3.0L Supercharger Package.


  • StreetFighter 3.0L Supercharger Kit
  • Intercooler
  • StreetFighter Air Intake
  • Twin 60mm Throttle Body
  • KPM 1000cc Injectors
  • StreetFighter 1000hp In-Tank Fuel Module
  • StreetFighter Specialist Dyno Calibration
  • StreetFighter Premium Badge Kit

This product is available to be fitted at our Adelaide workshop exclusively ,

Price: $26,500 Including Installation

The SF800R package can be optioned up with the following:

  • Options
    • KPM 1500cc Fuel Injectors
    • StreetFighter 1500hp In-Tank Fuel Module
    • StreetFighter 1500hp E-flex Filter
    • StreetFighter Oil Breather Set
    • Carbon Coil Covers

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