StreetFighter 3.50″ Supercharger High Boost Pulley (GT V8)

The StreetFighter 3.50″ high boost pulley enables extra boost to be extracted out of the StreetFighter 2.9L Supercharger on the Mustang GT.

This allows for better power, acceleration and fuel economy. A general rule of thumb is every .125″ of pulley change is 1psi of boost.

Every StreetFighter Supercharger pulley is made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and anodized for wear and environmental protection.

Each pulley is engraved with the running diameter size and state-of-the-art light weight pockets to lower reciprocating mass as well as a guard feature to help unwanted belt wandering during hard running.

Standard finish is hard coated black anodized.

Product Code: #SCP63500FRD


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