StreetFighter 3 – NON-AFM – LT4 Camshaft Kit (2019-2020 ZL1)

Whether you’re upgrading to deliver exhilarating power and acceleration for spirited track events or just to achieve that amazing idle sound, our camshafts offer excellent performance, drive-ability and daily manners.

StreetFighter engineer all our camshaft packages to the highest levels of accuracy to perfectly suit your 2019-2020 Camaro ZL1 6.2L LT4.


Suits LT4 – Direct Injection, VVT Engine – AFM Deleted – Increases high side pump fuel supply by 32%


  • 550-590 kW @ 6,400 rpm *
  • 920+ Nm torque @ 4,200 rpm *

The StreetFighter-3 Non-AFM is our premium street performance camshaft upgrade package for your 2019 onward ZL1 Camaro, equipped with the LT4 engine.

StreetFighter have designed this package to be used in conjunction with the (DI) Direct Injection, VVT (Variable Valve Timing) in your Camaro LT4 Engine. This camshaft has a 7.5mm high lift fuel pump lobe to deliver 32% extra fuel flow from your factory fuel system. This supports fuel delivery for up to 670kW/900hp!

We have designed the SF3-NONAFM-LT4 camshaft to specifically achieve maximum street performance for power and torque when removing and deleting the factory AFM system. The camshaft profiles are designed for optimum intake and exhaust valve opening / closing events and higher lift to give you best performance and reliability on the LT4 engine.

Of course you will also receive that head turning attitude at idle we all love to hear.

StreetFighter supply everything required to delete the factory AFM system. This allows for maximum street focused power and torque delivery from your camshaft upgrade.

  • AFM deleted
  • 30% extra strength tool steel / 7.55mm fuel pump lift lobe
  • Increases high side pump fuel supply by 32%
  • Great mid-top end Power
  • NO fuel system required
  • Head turning attitude at idle
  • Street and track performance

(*With suitable forced induction, exhaust and air intake system)

Camshaft Specs:

Download a copy of the cam spec sheet here: SF3-NONAFM_CAM_CARD

The StreetFighter 2019-2020 Camaro ZL1 camshaft package comes complete with:

  • StreetFighter camshaft SF3-NONAFM-LT4
  • Chromoly Pushrods
  • Twin valve springs
  • Spring seats
  • VVT limiter kit
  • Viton valve seals
  • Hi performance valve locks
  • Tool steel retainers
  • Timing cover seal
  • Rocker cover gaskets
  • AFM camshaft phaser kit
  • GM Performance cam followers
  • Metal shim performance head gaskets (x2)
  • Head bolts (x2 SETS)

We can also fit this for you, including a StreetFighter specialist custom on-dyno calibration for $9258

Performance heads upgrade option available:

  • StreetFighter CNC ported cylinder heads (+$2982)



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