StreetFighter 60mm Twin Throttle Body (FG-FGX 5.0 Coyote)

On your standard FG or FGX 5.0 S/C, the StreetFighter twin throttle body will deliver higher performance, better throttle response and acceleration, all at lower boost levels.

Twin throttle body advantages include:

  • Bolt on 20kw increase over standard
  • Allows more power at lower boost and removes throttle response lag
  • Improves low to mid-range response and acceleration
  • Mustang factory twin 60mm throttle body (65ml Ford Racing units also available)
  • Larger intake manifold for ultimate power and response
  • Modular fit with the StreetFighter intercooler kit
  • Higher performance and efficiency at standard levels
  • OEM finish and quality
  • Part #M9926MSVT


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