StreetFighter Adjustable Alignment Package (Trackhawk)

StreetFighter have a range of Jeep Trackhawk suspension options available to improve the ride and performance of your vehicle.

The StreetFighter adjustable alignment package allows for adjustment of camber/caster when lowering your Jeep Trackhawk. The kit also utilises heavy duty upgraded components for maximum handling performance. The bushings used in the components are half delrin, half polyurethane which allows for both comfort and performance. This kit will provide a more positive, firmer ride feel with less lateral movement. This package is perfect for high horsepower and standard vehicles alike.

The StreetFighter Adjustable Alignment Package includes:

  • Upgraded swaybar links
  • Adjustable rear control arms
  • Adjustable camber kit
  • Grease fittings

Upgraded Swaybar Links

Factory swaybar links are a weak 3/8″ in diameter in the rear, and 1/2″ in diameter in the front. The weakest link of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s suspension is the sway bar links due to the lack of diameter and lack of strength. These upgraded swaybar links are 7/8″ in diameter in the front and 7/8″ in diameter in the rear (nearly double the size of OEM) and include custom energy suspension bushing to improve handling even more! Significant improvements in handling were felt on our test vehicles.

Adjustable Rear Control Arms

The adjustable rear upper control arms are adjustable for any lowering spring on the market. They give you the ability to adjust longer than OEM and are a necessity when lowering your Jeep to make sure it can be properly aligned. Hardware, instructions and grease fittings are included with each kit. Our control arms offer polyurethane / delrin bushings, thus greatly reducing flex in the suspension which greatly improves handling.

Camber Kit

The SPC performance lower control arm camber adjustment kit allows for +1.5 degree camber/caster adjust.

Nothing comes close to the value and performance that all StreetFighter suspension packages offer.

Price: $ 1395 Including installation

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