KPM Fuel Systems Camaro High Flow DI Fuel Pump – High Side (2SS)

KPM200-DIFP High Side DI High Flow Fuel Pump

  • Compact 200 bar high pressure and flow direct injection fuel pump
  • Includes replacement high pressure fuel line
  • 23% higher pressure than the standard LT1 pump
  • 20% higher flow than the standard LT1 pump
  • Direct fit replacement upgrade to standard LT1 high side pump

The KPM200-DIFP High Side DI fuel pump is also included in our complete fuel system upgrade for Camaro 2SS. The KPM DI High Flow Fuel System (DIHFFS) is specifically developed to correctly meet the increased fuel requirements on high powered 2018 onwards Camaro LT1 Engines. This high supply fuel system is designed to meet the fuel demands of forced induction when supercharging or turbocharging your 2SS Camaro.

Available in both 800hp and 1000hp kits here: StreetFighter Camaro High Flow Fuel System Packages

We can also fit these for you in our workshop, contact us to find out more


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