StreetFighter Camshaft (Gen-F HSV LSA)

Whether you’re upgrading to deliver exhilarating power and acceleration for spirited club/track events or just to achieve that amazing idle sound, our camshafts offer excellent performance, driveability and daily manners.

StreetFighter engineer all our camshafts to the highest levels of accuracy to perfectly suit your Gen-F HSV LSA. We also have cam packages and installation available at KPM Motorsport.

The StreetFighter camshafts come in four levels:

  • Stage 1: A mild cam, designed to give a moderate increase in performance and attitude
    • SFLSA1 StreetFighter LSA Stage 1 Camshaft – 219 / 236, 0.608″/0.620″, 118 LSA
  • Stage 2: Our most popular option, giving that rock and roll cam attitude, with solid performance increase
    • SFLSA2 StreetFighter LSA Stage 2 Camshaft – 227 / 243, 0.609″/0.609″, 118 LSA

StreetFighter suit our camshaft packages to your requirements while integrating without compromise to the modern electronics and drivability expected from your high tech Commodore. Our highest priority is long term hassle free reliability from your camshaft upgrade. We do this by offering the correct camshafts grinds for your engine along with all the correct supporting components.



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