StreetFighter Camshaft Complete Kit L76/L77 AFM Engine (VE/VF)

Whether you’re upgrading to deliver exhilarating power and acceleration for spirited club/track events or just to achieve that amazing idle sound, our camshafts offer excellent performance, driveability and daily manners.

StreetFighter engineer all our camshaft to the highest levels of accuracy to perfectly suit your VE/VF 6.0L V8.

StreetFighter can also offer the StreetFighter Limited Driveline Warranty on vehicles less than 5 years old when fitted in our workshop. Contact us for further warranty details.

This kit is designed to suit the L76 and L77 AFM Engines

For even more power and performance, check out the complete Power Packages here: VF Power Packages

VE/VF  6.L / Increase Performance to 380kw/680nm

Performance figures based on stage 2 camshaft with supporting performance upgrades (full exhaust system & cold air intake). Higher power increase possible with stage 3 or 4 camshaft and supporting performance upgrades.

The StreetFighter camshaft kit includes:

  • StreetFighter camshaft stage 2, 3 or 4
    • SFVE2 Streetfighter Stage 2 Camshaft – 228 / 228, 0.598″, 114 LSA 1800-7000 rpm
    • SFVE3 Streetfighter Stage 3 Camshaft – 235 / 236, 0.598″, 110 LSA 2200-7200 rpm
    • SFVE4B Streetfighter Stage 4 Camshaft – 233 / 245, 0.615″, 115 LSA 3000-7000 rpm (supercharged applications only)
  • Double spring kit, retainers, colletts, seals and seats
  • Chrome Moly pushrods
  • Cam gear with bolt kit
  • Cam fitting kit inc. Gaskets / balancer bolt
  • AFM/DOD delete kit as required
    • Includes: lifters, lifter guides, head gaskets, head bolts, valley cover

We can also fit this for you in our workshop:

Price: $6099 Including installation & custom tuning (L76/77 motor)

Contact us to make a booking.


To get the true sound and feel put your headphones on and give this audio clip a listen:

Clip from VF L77 Grind 2 Cam with DOD Delete and Catback Exhaust


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