StreetFighter Coilover Suspension (VF)

The ultimate in street and track suspension. H & R springs are coupled with the Bilstein coilover shocker design to give your Commodore the very best in sport suspension.

With fully adjustable ride heights and tuneable dampening and rebound (optional extra), StreetFighter coilover suspension will give your Commodore a balance of daily driving comfort, with superior performance, stability and handling for any track day!

Note: Non-adjustable pillow-top

See below for what is included:

  • Bilstein mono-tube shocks
  • H & R progressive rate springs
  • Front spring rate 4.5kg (at ride height)
  • Rear spring rate 5kg (at ride height)
  • Height adjustable front and rear (15-50mm adjust)
  • Dampening and rebound adjust (optional extra)
  • Excellent ride quality on the street or track

We can also fit this for you in our workshop:

Price: $4130 Including installation & wheel alignment

Contact us to make a booking.

*prices subject to change please call for current pricing

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