StreetFighter – RHD – Engine Oil Cooler Package (GT V8)

The StreetFighter Engine Oil Cooler Package is a complete oil cooling upgrade. Designed to completely eliminate the factory oil cooler, therefore removing any chance of failure that could lead to costly engine damage.

The StreetFighter package was specifically designed to eliminate the potentially faulty factory oil cooler on the RHD (Australian) Mustang GT. Using a newly developed RHD oil cooler delete manifold (with optional oil pressure and oil temp sensor bosses) and utilising the Mishimoto cooling core. The StreetFighter oil cooler package removes/deletes the factory oil – water cooler at the engine and replaces it with a high efficiency oil – air cooler mounted behind the front grille. The system also incorporates an oil thermostat to ensure the oil temperature is maintained quickly and efficiently.

Several other kits on the market are either generic or made for the LHD Mustang and require messy and expensive removal and modification of the standard oil manifold, LH engine mount and oil filter relocation.

The StreetFighter Engine Oil Cooler Package, is a simple direct replacement kit made exclusively for the Australian RHD Mustang. Retaining the reliability and neatness of all factory components in their original position, while removing the potentially faulty factory oil cooler.

As well as removing the cause of factory oil cooler failures, the StreetFighter Engine Oil cooler Package will ensure that oil temperatures are best maintained in spirited driving and race conditions.

Product Code: #SFMUSOCP815

StreetFighter Engine Oil Cooler Package Details:

  • Direct fit and specifically designed for the Australian RHD 2015 onwards Ford Mustang GT 5.0
  • StreetFighter RHD oil cooler delete manifold with optional oil pressure and oil temp sensor bosses
  • Thermostat controlled oil cooler sandwich plate
  • Direct fit air-oil, bar and plate oil cooler, mounted behind front grille (Suits N/A and Supercharged)
  • Direct fit replacement radiator hose
  • Ram air diversion mounting bracket for maximum cooling
  • High quality stainless steel braided, teflon oil cooler lines with lightweight fittings
  • Increase engine oil capacity by 1 litre allowing further cooling and protection
  • Standard oil filter position retained (No messy remote oil filter setup required)
  • Clears both standard and aftermarket headers
  • StreetFighter Lifetime Warranty

Also available is the StreetFighter Oil Pressure Monitoring Kit available here

We can also fit this for you in our workshop:

Price: $ 1695 Including installation

Price: $ 2599 Including oil pressure monitoring kit and installation

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