StreetFighter Handling Packages (Mustang)

StreetFighter offer the ultimate in street and track suspension for your Mustang.

With either a spring/stabiliser bar combo, or coilovers, coupled with heavy duty stabiliser bars, you can transform the look and feel of your Mustang EcoBoost or GT V8.

StreetFighter handling packages are the best way to improve handling performance, both for daily driving but also for those wanting to take their Mustang to the track.

Along with progressive rate H & R lowering springs the StreetFighter handling package includes H & R heavy duty stabiliser bars. This combination gives premium ride quality while able to demand the most from road and track.

‘Street’ Package includes:

  • H&R springs
  • Heavy duty H&R stabilizer bars
  • Professionally Fitted
  • Includes 4 wheel alignment

Price: $ 2732 Including installation

H&R springs are coupled with the Bilstein coilover shocker design to give your vehicle the very best in sport suspension.

With fully adjustable ride heights and tuneable dampening and rebound (optional extra), StreetFighter can customise your Mustang for a balance of daily driving comfort, with the superior performance, stability and handling  to obtain the very best from your Mustang for any track day event.

‘Track’ Package includes:

  • Bilstein coilover, H&R spring
  • Heavy duty H&R stabilizer bars
  • Professionally fitted
  • Includes 4 wheel alignment

Price: $ 4925 Including installation

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