StreetFighter nGauge & Tune (Mustang GT, Ecoboost)

The StreetFighter nGauge allows Mustang owners to have access to 3 unique tunes, specific to their vehicle with the use of the nGauge unit alone. Easily switchable, and with the scope to update tunes as you perform more modifications to your vehicle.

The unit comes with one tune specific to your vehicle and modifications, with two slots available for different tunes. Simply let us know your existing or required upgrades and we will upload the exact tune for your needs. We guarantee Australian developed tested and proven tunes will ensure optimum performance, and also perfect reliability.

The unit plugs directly via OBD2 and has a full colour screen. Available with a suction mount to easily strike up a position in the car within view. From there you will be able to view a broad range of factory parameters and display options. You can even use the LED shift lights to display signals like RPM, Speed and IAT.

On top of displaying your info, you can read and clear DTC error codes – And of course the unit is completely update ready via its own SD Card slot.

Note: For highly modified vehicles we recommend a custom performance tune. The nGauge and tune provided are not suitable for supercharged Mustang applications.

Product Code: #NGAUGE


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