StreetFighter SFP900 Power Package

Take your TRX to the new heights with the StreetFighter SFP900 Power Package. Boasting a StreetFighter Supercharger Drive Pulley Upgrade Kit, StreetFighter Supercharger Drive Crank and Pin, High Flow and Crankase Ventilation System as well as KPM High Flow Fuel injectors, the SFP900 Power Package is the StreetFighter experience you need for your new TRX.

The team at StreetFighter have developed the ultimate performance package that will increase the standard power outage from 702hp up to an hefty 900hp all while retaining its driveability.

Utilising our own Australian Manufactured products in conjunction with the best products from around the globe, we are able to extract the most out of your TRX resulting in a true performance vehicle.


672kW/900HP @ 6,500rpm * (702hp standard)

1184Nm Torque @ 4,200 rpm *

Price Includes: 

  • Ported Supercharger Snout
  • StreetFighter Supercharger Drive Pulley Upgrade Kit
  • StreetFighter Supercharger Drive Crank and Pin (Upgrade Kit)
  • KPM High Flow Fuel Injectors
  • Iridium Spark Plugs
  • High Flow Ventilation System
  • Crankase Ventilation System
  • StreetFighter ECM On-Dyno Calibration Upgrade
  • StreetFighter TCM Calibration Upgrade
  • StreetFighter Premium Badge Kit
  • StreetFighter Underbonnet Serial Number Plaque
  • Factory Warranty Protection – Limited Driveline 3 Year/60,000 km

Price: $19,990 Including Installation

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