StreetFighter Supercharger Packages (VE)

If you are looking for maximum performance and power increase for your VE 6.0L, the only option is the StreetFighter 2300 Supercharger package.

The StreetFighter supercharger packages are for those chasing big horsepower, but retaining daily driveability. The StreetFighter supercharger packages are the perfect mix of high performance, high quality and reliability for your Commodore.

Nothing Comes Close!

VE 6.0L / Increase Performance to 510kw/915nm

Our top of the line Streetfighter 2300 Supercharger package is the ultimate power and performance package available.

With this type of power and performance, coupled with a racey factory finish, ‘Nothing Comes Close’ to the StreetFighter 2300 supercharger package.

Kit includes:

  • KPM high flow injectors
  • StreetFighter OTR air intake
  • StreetFighter infill panel and fascia for OTR
  • StreetFighter supercharger manifold
  • All brackets, bolts and tensioners

Upgrade Options: 

  • 10% overdrive balancer adds 2 psi
  • 80mm pulley & belt adds 2-3 psi
  • Snout, overdrive balancer & pulley kit  adds15-18 psi (includes snout, 70 or 75mm pulley, 10% overdrive balancer)
  • Auto trans cooler adapter kit (late models only)
  • KPM 1500cc Injectors
  • StreetFighter Single Organic Clutch Kit 890nm
  • StreetFighter Twin Organic Clutch Kit 1300nm
  • StreetFighter Twin Ceramic Clutch Kit 1830nm

Price: $ 20,990  Including installation

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