KPM Care 3 Year Factory Warranty Protection


KPM Motorsport is proud to announce our new and exclusive Factory Warranty Protection plan.
As an extra service to our customers, KPM and its authorised distributors can now completely back up quality of work and products with our comprehensive
Australia Wide 3 Year Warranty Plan.

We call this protection:

Many may not be aware that upgrading your new vehicle with any aftermarket components will void your Factory warranty. This has been especially true with performance based upgrades.

Over the years enthusiasts have hesitated to enhance or personalize their new pride and joy for this reason.

However, when an enhancement is carried out with developed and tested products that fit correctly and keep the vehicles lifetime reliability and integrity intact, warranties should be protected.

KPM now offer our exclusive Factory Warranty Protection when upgrading with any selected KPM or Street fighter product. The products are supplied and fitted at any authorised KPM workshop or selected Holden or Ford dealer Australia Wide.

The KPM Care Factory Warranty Protection is available to safeguard your new or used vehicle when fitted with one of our selected KPM or Streetfighter upgrades, products or complete new vehicles.

KPM Care comes into effect if a warranty claim is denied by your Ford / Holden or used car factory warranty due to a KPM upgrade or product issue.
The claim is then taken on by your KPM Care Factory Warranty Protection to give you that extra cover and protection.
As the name suggest we protect your factory warranty should the need arise.*

All your servicing and maintenance requirements are carried out as normal by one of many selected Ford and Holden dealerships Australia wide or by any of our authorised KPM specialist workshops.

This protection is a available for all New and used cars 5 years and under that have travelled less than 120,000km.

Plans available
Limited driveline warranty

Your KPM Care warranty is also transferable to the next owner giving that extra value to your vehicle and upgrade.

You can now rest assured with our premium products, premium upgrades and
our exclusive KPM Care Factory Warranty Protection you can now upgrade, at an authorised KPM specialist workshops, or a selected Holden or Ford dealer with complete piece of mind.
This will ensure you keep your vehicle integrity and investment safe.

For warranty claims, freight to and from KPM Motorsport is to be charged to client accordingly.

*As per factory warranty conditions

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